Chinese Herbology

2. Chinese Herbology

Chinese herbal medicine has been used over thousands of years. It can be used alone or in combination with Acupuncture to enhance each other’s therapeutic effects. In Chinese medicine, herbs are often combined in formulas by particular rules and given as teas, capsules, pills, granules or powders. Only qualified Chinese medical doctors know how to prescribe an individualized herbal formula that avoids possible adverse effects and maximizes the therapeutic effect.

The advantages of Chinese Herbology:

  • Chinese Herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ft Myers, FL, Naples, FLWidely used: Chinese herbal medicine is widely used for many conditions, can target multiple signs and symptoms.
  • Less side effects: Chinese herbal medicine uses all natural products. Compared with western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine is considered safer and with fewer side-effects if used appropriately. In recent years, the Chinese herbal medicine has proven quite successful in relieving the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Strengthen effects: Chinese herbal medicine can strengthen the function of body systems. Boost immune system. It is commonly used for disease prevention and health maintenance.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Chinese herbal medicine is less expensive than conventional medicine for achieving equivalent treatment results.