My experience with AcuHerbal Wellness Center has been wonderful. Starting with David who has been very accommodating
in scheduling my appointments. Dr. Zhangs knowledge of acupuncture and herbal medicine has helped me immensely. She is a kind and soft spoken Dr who puts you at ease. I highly recommend her.

Laurie L

I have been treated by Dr. Zhang since May 31 2022 and my overall condition has improved tremendously. I have suffered from issues with my circulation, hormonal imbalances, and hypothyroidism for many years and have been unsuccessful in treating these conditions. Since being treated with a combination of acupuncture, electrostimulation, and herbs, the results I have seen are incredible. My circulation has drastically improved and my emotional well-being is the best it has been in years. I was so impressed by Dr. Zhang’s professionalism and knowledge. She truly does listen to all of her patient’s concerns and questions they may have about their condition. I have never met a doctor who cares so much about her patients’ well-being! The clinic facility is very welcoming and relaxing and the staff members are very helpful and have a positive attitude. I highly recommend booking a consultation appointment with Dr. Zhang at the AcuHerbal Wellness Center!

Lia Mancino

how much grateful I can be, I was dealing with a two month headache and earache due to TMJ and a dental procedure, I was pain free in just one session. I already recommended Acuherbal Center to my co workers and friends. I know we are in good hands!!! thank you so much

Maggy Duckworth

I have been a patient of Dr. Qunce Zhang since 2019. She’s the rare breed of clinicians who really listen to their patients. In so doing, she showed me tremendous respect and helped me build trust in her healing modality. She has helped me regain my health and vitality with a combination of Herbal therapy and Acupuncture. I am forever grateful to her and David for the genuine care they show their patients.

Maria Pignataro

I was a skeptic.
Now I might just believe in miracles in the form of a highly educated doctor.
Today I go to my second session.
The first session has done more for my pain than 10 years of specialists and any form of western medicine you could think of, I’ve tried.

Angela Nelson

I am so grateful to Dr Zhang’s care and I highly recommend her. I have arthritis in my neck and had a flair. I was in terrible pain for nearly a month. After two other unsuccessful attempts with other acupuncturists, I found Dr. Zhang. She is a very good communicator and explained that after three treatments I would feel much better. Just as she said, I am much better and continue to go to help stabilize my neck. Dr. Zhang’s skill comes from many years of education in China. She is a medical doctor as well holding a PhD in Chinese Medicine. She was a professor who taught acupuncture for many years. So thank you Dr. Zhang. Because of your treatments, I will be able to visit my new grandson.

Ruth Schwartz

Dr. Zhang & David Have been wonderful to me since day one. I came to Acuherbal with several different issues that required attention and Dr. Zhang has taken the time to address them with her incredible skills and cupping when needed. Accupuncture is a wonderful treatment that requires expertise and this has been the best clinic I have found to date.
The professionalism and care you will find at acuherbal will make you come back time after time. It is an investment towards quality of life without it being invasive. Coming from someone who’s tried different treatments for pain management and anxiety, inability to sleep and focus, Accupuncture is life changing. David is attentive, always polite, and helpful when making accommodations for appointments ahead of time. If you are looking for a holistic treatment that is attentive, not overpriced, and caring which will give you results, look no further.

Tainá Ogrodnik

Dr. Zhang has completely made all my aches and pains go away. When I first went to her, she sat with me for over and hour and went over everything about my health. She then devised a game plan that worked. When I had Covid, she was so caring and went above and beyond on her own time, getting me herbal tea to use. It was such a comfort having her check in with me every day to see how I was progressing. Can’t say enough about how professional and effective AcuHerbal Wellness Center is. Highly recommend.

Louise Cornetta

I was scheduled for surgery to remove a 7 mm kidney stone. After a few acupuncture treatments I passed the stone without surgery! Thanks Dr. Zhang for outstanding and effective acupuncture treatments that work!


My daughter has tried for years to get me to try acupuncture. Finally, after a recent surgery and related recovery problems, I agreed to give it a go. Dr. Zhang (AcuHerbal Wellness Center) was the unanimous choice, and it was the best decision I ever made (albeit much later than it should have been). Dr. Zhang was quickly able to determine some of my underlying bodily deficiencies and recommended we start with a dual program of acupuncture and herbal therapy. It’s been about 4 months since we began, and I have already experienced some positive changes in the areas that were problematic for me. Frankly, I can’t say enough of about the thoroughness, knowledge and professionalism that Dr. Zhang brings to her practice, and I feel extremely fortunate to have found her.