Allergy Relief (Food, Contact Dermatitis, Etc.)

There are a plethora of OTC remedies that claim to relieve allergy symptoms, but Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners believe that by treating the whole person and focusing on the immune system’s balance, they can achieve significant long-term health benefits in the management of allergies.

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People with allergies who visit the Acuherbal Wellness Center have their symptoms thoroughly examined as well. Here, the idea is to look at the individual as a whole. When it comes to chronic allergies, TCM says that people often show signs of Spleen or Kidney Deficiency, along with Lung Symptoms as well. Accurate diagnosis and treatment of the person’s acute symptoms are the acupuncturists’ goals while addressing underlying immune system imbalances that are thought to be at the root of allergies. Acupuncture, herbal formulas, and dietary changes are all common treatment options. In order to become an expert in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, it takes years of practice. AcuHerbal Wellness Center in Naples, FL is here for you if you’re looking for allergy relief.